Tours by locals in Switzerland

Tours by locals in Switzerland

See The Beauty Of Switzerland With A Local Tour Guide 

Switzerland Tours by Locals

When you picture Switzerland you probably think of magnificent glaciers, charming villages and lush meadows shimmering with sunlight. Switzerland offers something different for every season. A local tour guide will take you to the best places for mountain climbing, winter sports, sensational activities or unforgettable scenery.

An experienced guide knows all the best places to eat, shop or spend time with your family. Find a local tour guide and you will be able to take a tour of this amazing country by train, plan trips to other cities such as Milan, Frankfurt and Paris and be back the same day.

You can experience a wonderful trip to the nostalgic and medieval trading town of Lucerne. You can take a day trip from Zurich to the eastern Swiss Alps, Minterthur or Jungfraujoch. A private tour guide will take to charming cafes, secluded walking paths and the bluest waters for swimming.

See fascinating landmarks and learn about the history and culture of Switzerland. This is an excellent vacation for couples, families and singles. Indulge you deepest desires by visiting the most beautiful places Switzerland has to offer. Everything begins as soon as you find a local tour guide.

The Most Gorgeous Places in Switzerland

  • Switzerland is at the very heart of Europe. The country is bordered by Germany and Austria with France to the west and Italy to the south. Switzerland is not a large country, yet twenty percent of the world-famous Swiss Alps are found here. There are 100 peaks in Switzerland that are some of the tallest in the world. You have probably heard of the Matterhorn. You may be interested in climbing the mountain or exploring the quaint city of Zermatt at the base of the mountain. A private tour guide will take you there and show you around the city. Strolling through this beautiful town is an excellent way to spend your afternoon.
  • If your passion is skiing, you have to visit Lausanne. The city is located on Lake Geneva. This is where you will find the International Olympic Committee. The ski slopes are amazing and close to the city. Some of the most famous writers have flocked to the beauty of Lausanne such as Ernest Hemmingway and Lord Byron. The scenery is sensational, there are outdoor markets and you will adore the local cathedral. Tours by locals will take you to the city limits of Zermatt. The only vehicles permitted are battery-powered. You will enjoy the sights, the cable cars and of course skiing while breathing in the clean mountain air.
  • If you have seen Golden Eye, the movie featuring agent 007, you may recognize Sonogno in Valle Varazaca. A site near the James Bond dam was used for the famous bungee jump. The entire area is like taking a trip back in time to the colorful past of Switzerland. If you are interested in historical architecture, a glorious boat ride on Lake Lucerne, amazing shopping or delicious local eateries, a local tour guide will take you to Vitznau on Lake Lucerne. Mountain peaks covered in snow surround this charming lakeside town. Mount Pilatus, Mount Stanserhorn and Mount Rigi attract people from across the globe. 
  • Blausee is the 22-acre nature preserve found deep in the Kander Valley. A local tour guide will show you the right bridges and staircases to take to see the incredibly blue lake from a variety of different viewpoints. The legend of this lake is about a shepherd and a maid falling in love. The story has a tragic ending. The lake is said to have turned the color of the deep blue eyes of the maid. You will never forget taking an enchanted ride on a glass-bottomed boat. You can actually see the bottom of the lake. This is twelve miles down. The cool lake is fed by the spring with a large playground for the kids.
  • Staubbach Falls is often called Loud Fountains. This is a natural, plunging waterfall, and one of the tallest free-fall waterfalls in Europe. A local tour guide will take you on a day trip to Lauterbrunnen. This train ride is up the side of Jungfrau Mountain. This is one of Switzerland's highest mountain peaks. At the very top, you can get a postcard to mail home with a special stamp as a memory of your adventure. Lauterbrunnen has a reputation for incredible food. You want to try the Hotel Oberland's cheese fondue. If you want to stay the night, the hotel has lovely accommodations. 
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The Day Trip to Jungfraujoch

For an amazing day trip from Zurich to Jungfraujoch, find a local tour guide. This is an amazing destination for all seasons because you will find the Swiss Alps here. The alps offer everything from winding mountain paths to rolling green meadows. Tours by locals will show you picturesque towns including Grindelwald, Murren and Wengen.

You may have seen one of these beautiful towns in a travel magazine. You will learn about the towns at Swiss consulates and embassies. You can enjoy skiing and mountain climbing or go biking or hiking on the footpaths. You will find the highest train station anywhere on the entire continent here. You can stop at tourist hotspots and towns, enjoy extraordinary views and purchase a few delightful souvenirs. 

The Top Three Activities in the Swiss Alps

  1. 1
    Tours by locals will take you to the Bernina Express to see the Swiss Alps. This railway opened during the beginning of the twentieth century. You will have a panoramic view of the mountain ranges and glaciers of the Swiss Alps through the unique windows of the railway cars
  2. 2
    The Chateau De Tourbillon is in the town of Sion. The construction began in 1297. The surrounding area has unforgettable views. You will enjoy taking a stroll through the centuries-old castle. If you are a history enthusiast, do not miss your opportunity to see this breathtaking castle. 
  3. 3
    If you are interested in a truly magical experience, have a private tour guide take you to the Matterhorn Glacier Palace. Your views of the Matterhorn are phenomenal. You can even take a cable car ride right into the glacier. The sparkling ice cave is a wonderland filled with snow, ice and exquisite ice sculptures. You can access this paradise by rail or as one of your stops on a Switzerland tour by train. 

The Central Plateau

This region is also referred to as the Swiss Plateau. Two-thirds of the 8.5 million people of this amazing country are living here. There are woodlands, rich farmland and major cities here. There are three cities you will enjoy visiting.

Bern is all about beautiful surroundings, photography, history and spectacular landmarks. You will feel almost like you are in the Middle Ages because Bern was founded in 1191. You have to see the thirteenth-century clock tower or Zytglogge, Bear Park, the open-air bear enclosure and one of the biggest shopping arcades in Europe.

Tours by locals will show you the magic of Geneva. This civilization is a mixture of modern and ancient. In 121 BC, the city was captured by the Romans. Lake Geneva is a sensational destination with walking paths, a place you can take a swim and charming cafes. The Old Town offers urban centers to show you how the city has evolved from the Middle Ages.

The biggest city and the financial center in Switzerland is Zurich. The glittering city has history, galleries, unrivaled shopping and museums. The city is a transportation hub for Switzerland and Europe.